The Conversation Society: Obesity: The Debate Begins…Part 3

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Food & Drink, Healthcare, Lifestyle

Ahead of the next Conversation Society event on 11 May, 2011, we decided to take a look back at last year’s event to share the discussions and insights we learnt:

Carrie Longton began her discussion highlighting the need for brands to engage with those forums where opinions around products and brands are formed:

“Mumsnet users call themselves Mumsnetters. The majority of content on our site is user generated. If they take to a brand then it can be more influential than advertising campaign. Our users are early adopters and opinion formers so if you can get them to talk about something on Mumsnet it can go viral. If someone asks for advice on a product and its given a recommendation we see the ‘Delia Effect’.!

She continued by highlighting the desire of Mumsnet forums to engage with brands in a beneficial way:

“Our Mums love to be consulted, so do use their knowledge and experience. Engage, enfranchise and endear. Engage with us early but do it through the right channels, but involve us in the development channel, it doesn’t cost much. We can provide you with valuable insights.”


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