The Next Conversation Society Event – 11 May in The Screening Room, Soho Hotel, London – Is The UK Drinks Industry Entering a New Era of Responsibility?

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Consumer Healthcare, Food & Drink, Healthcare, Lifestyle

Speaking at the event will be David Poley, The Portman Group; Nick Southgate, School of Life; and Mark Baird, Diageo

The next Conversation Society event on Weds 11th May,  Soho Hotel, London,  is going to be of great interest for marketeers, comms professionals and movers & shakers in the drinks industry.  The topic for the event is: ‘Is the UK drinks industry entering a new era of responsibility?’.

To register  for this free event, follow the link

The responsibility agenda is rarely far from the headlines and the rejection by six leading health groups of the governments new “responsibility deal” last month, on the grounds that it wasn’t tough enough, ensured that it was front page.  This spotlight seems unlikely to dim in the near future.

So how can the industry – health lobby impasse be overcome?  What role do government, industry and drinkers have? What is currently being done by the industry? And is there a smarter way to address the problem?

To lead the conversation we have three excellent speakers (David Poley, CEO, The Portman Group; Mark Baird, CSR Manager, Diageo GB; and behavioural economist Nick Southgate) who will each speak for 10 minutes – no visuals, no powerpoint, no charts, just good old conversation – to share their thoughts.  We then open the conversation up to all attendees.

Follow us @ConverSociety and via the hashtag #conversationsociety on Twitter or via our official Group on LinkedIn:

And to register to attend, follow the link



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